FOR High-Income Earners Making Over $100,000 Per Year ONLY

My Team And I Will Transform Your Property Into An Organic Oasis With Our Proven EcoSynergy™ System

So you can escape the poisons in our food supply, live off your land and leave a legacy for your family even if you know nothing about farming or have the world’s worst green thumb







Bryan And Stephanie Dulaney

Removed All chemicals From Their land & Secured Their Food Supply with their EcoSynergy™ Design & Soil System


The EcoSynergy™ Design System:

A Turnkey Solution To Protect & Provide For Generations

Get Your CUSTOM Blueprint to secure your food, family. & freedom on your land NOW

Step 1: Custom Site Analysis

Discover the secrets of your lands history, soil health & Production potential with our comprehensive Land Audit

Step 2: Secure Water Systems 

Optimize water security & management systems with cutting edge strategies to protect & replenish water supplies on your property.

Step 3: Design for Synergy & Success

Transform your property into a lush chemical free, food producing paradise with the EchoSynergy Design customized to fit your family and future.

Step 4: Living Soil Solutions

Replace fertilizers, pesticides, and store bought chemicals with our Ultra-Low-Cost, beyond organic living soil solutions. Our EcoSynergy™ bio stimulant technology, accelerates health & fertility on your land

Step 5: Installation

Save time & money when you streamline your install with everything you need to be system independent, healthy, happy & free with a multi-layered food forest & family compound without wasting time or money!

Use This 5 step process & Create An EcoSynergy™ Blueprint That We Can Implement Fast.

Karen Has a Clear Path Forward To Build Her Family Compound And Regenerative Farm

After multiple scares and losses in her family likely caused by chemicals in their food, Karen wanted to take charge of her health and her family’s food supply. She dreamed about building a legacy, and designing a family compound where she and her family could live and enjoy life without worrying about food contamination, chemical exposure, or tyrannical limitations on their freedom.

But after spending thirty thousand dollars on courses, training, and workshops, Karen had more questions than answers. That’s where our team with the EcoSynergy™ system helped Karen build the property and food system she craved with greater flexibility for the future.

More Results From Clients Using The Ecosynergy™ System...

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Karen Dakin

Co-Founder of Dakin Dairy-

"I love My Family Compound Design!"

Jim And Michelle

Founder, CEO

"He Knows His Stuff and When I get Stuck He's The First One We Call."

Bryan Dulaney

CEO- Perfect Funnel system

"We Couldn't be Happier With Our Design And Chemical Free Living Soil System"


James Brinkerhoff Jr.

I've been involved in Property Development, organic farming, and medicinal plant cultivation for over 30 years. I made the choice to live off grid years ago while studying chinese medicine and the natural ecology of the pacific northwest. After being diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease I realized there's a huge connection between soil health and human Health.

IN 2018 I was given an opportunity to build one of the worlds largest regenerative cannabis cultivation sites offering Clean perpetual year round harvests.

This same system pulls its principals as it partners with and models the systems found in nature.

Today I'm working to empower families to build Beyond Organic Sustainable Systems so they can heal the soil, create food sovereignty and defend the health of their families.

After 30 years of building regenerative Cultivation Systems for The Cannabis Industry, my family and community, I'm on a mission and excited to share with you and other like minded individuals who value health, freedom and independence.

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